End of Sprint 4: Acteaus v0.0.7

So it's the end of sprint 4. Which means development on Acteaus has been going on for over a month now. I would like to take this time to go over the current state of development, what has been accomplished, and what is needed to get the game to a playable state.

When I originally scoped the effort level of making this game, I tried to keep myself fairly grounded. It was important to me to establish a minimum viable product. To this end, I have attempted in each release to complete features that build upon each other while allowing the overall game to be in a playable state at all times. That being said, there are obviously certain features that are key to actually releasing Acteaus in a state that players would actually find enjoyable. This is why from the very beginning, defining the minimum viable product was an important strategic task.

The minimum viable product is as follows:

As you can see, we are very close to reaching a playable state of the game. Multiplayer infrastructure was added early on in development so that I could ensure an easy transition to full multiplayer gameplay.

Right now anything that causes a transformation on the scene needs to be synced. Movement is already synced. Some stats such as health also need to be synced so that they are accessible to other players.

Overall development has been going great. I am going to be pretty busy for the next few months with school and work, but I am going to continue to develop when I can and release a new version of Acteaus each week for as long as possible.

Thanks to anyone who is paying attention to the development of this game, it really helps keep me enthused.


  • Buying and selling goods at merchants is completely functional now
  • Fixed a bug causing newly bought goods to delete player goods
  • Added a few new creature spawn locations throughout the map
  • Made it so creatures that are dead don't collide with players/other creatures
  • Added a scroll bar to the inventory so it isn't completely reliant on the middle mouse wheel


  1. Are you planning on releasing an alpha/beta type product once you have finished your minimum viable product? Looks pretty awesome.

    1. Yes! the alpha will be released as soon as the minimum viable product is released.


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