End of Sprint 1: Acteaus 0.0.4

Not much to demo here that I haven't already shown. I worked mostly on the backend this week. I fell short of my goal by a small margin. I was hoping to complete the basic player combat system this week, but it looks like it is going to get bumped to next week. That being said, I got a lot of the heavy lifting done for the user interface in the last week or so and soon I will be able to move on to more interesting game mechanics.

Here is a snapshot of the development cycle burndown chart. As you can see, I bit off a lot (maybe a little more than I could handle in just 7 days) but development looks pretty good. Only 1 card remaining out of 7 for the week.

This a shot of what is on the table for development this week. (8/9 tp 8/16). I've actually bitten even more off this week, but I am really psyched to get a few of these features done, so I am going to challenge myself.


  • Linked statistical information to character.
  • Added a functional stats screen for keeping track of player stats, exp, hp, mp, etc
  • Linked HP, MP, EXP values to UI bars
  • Disabled all UI elements by default
  • Fixed a bug in the UI causing the game to crash on load
  • Added a spot on the inventory UI for keeping track of gold
  • Began working on combat system

    Acteaus Development Trello


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