End of Sprint 2: Acteaus 0.0.5

So as expected, my dog's illness set me back a lot this week (he's doing fine by the way, just needs to get a tooth pulled). That being said, I did end up accomplishing roughly the same amount that I accomplished the last sprint. So it seems that it might just be the case that I bit off more than I could chew.

So for this upcoming sprint, I am going to keep things simple. I'll be scoping out about half as much work. My focus will be on the combat system as I've previously mentioned. I plan on getting a few existing bugs with it out of the way before moving on to more advanced features relating to it.

I didn't finish all of the behaviors for the merchant buying/selling system, but I don't want to tack it on for this sprint as I think it is going to be a little complicated and I want to make sure I get through all tasks related to the combat system. So the remaining features relating to the merchant system will be put on hold till sprint 4.

Additionally, I pulled in some things such as small UI improvements and interiors to buildings which ended up working out fairly nicely.

So let's take a look at the burndown chart. Not great. But this chart isn't taking into account the additional features I pulled into the sprint. But as far as features go that I had committed to work on for the last 7 days, it doesn't look great...


  • Fixed a bug with player not rotating properly after pathing around obstacles
  • Cleaned up code redundancies and organized project folder
  • Added a place in the inventory to keep track of gold
  • Added interiors to some houses
  • Changed the cursor from default to a more rpg feeling one
  • Added a spot on the inventory UI for keeping track of gold
  • Changed the UI for health, magic, and experience bars

Acteaus Development Trello


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