End of Sprint 3: Acteaus 0.0.6

Time flies! Already the end of sprint 3!

A lot of changes made during this development cycle. Let's get into it.

This time I focused mostly on player versus creature interactions. Once I was finished with the basic combat system I moved on to basic spells. I either plan on cycling back to merchant interactions next sprint or adding the rest of the items to the game.

Additionally, I began working on some lighting. It isn't great right now and there are some meshes that aren't currently lit correctly, but it's a start.


  • Creatures now respawn after a given amount of time after death.
  • Three spells have been added to the game
    • Fireball
    • Transport
    • Gas form
  • Player health has been linked to the player statistics
  • Enemies can now be killed and kill the player
  • Fixed a bug where damage was being calculated at the beginning of the animation instead of at the end
  • Fixed a bug where the player death animation was severely delayed
  • Attacks no longer continue after death
  • Player stopping distance when attacking has been adjusted
  • Severeal creatures have been added to the game
  • The rest of the map has been fleshed out and given content

Acteaus Development Trello


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